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Buy 2017 Animal Wall Calendars online. A calendar makes a great gift for any animal lover. Featuring wild animals, mammals, dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, horses, fish and insects. Formats available, wall calendars, desk calendars, mini calendars, engagement calendars, and vertical calendars.

Welcome To 2017 Animal Calendars!

Zoologists that study animal life estimate that there are 20,000 species of fish, 15,000 species of mammals, 9000 birds, 6,000 species of reptiles and 1,000 amphibians, found on the planet Earth. While we don't have quite that many calendars, we do offer a large selection of calendars that focus on many different types of species!

Sadly, the number of endangered species continues to grow. The continuing destruction of the Amazon forest does not bode well for undiscovered species. Hopefully, animals that are threatened and deserve protection, will soon be added to the Endangered Species Act.